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The blog is up

Jonas Bröms
January 6th, 2020 · 1 min read

So, this is my blog… it is finally up & running

I’ve had an idea for quite some time that I haven’t really acted on until now; That is to write down my reflections generated by the life experiences I am a apart of.

Technology behind the blog

  • Site generator: GatsbyJS
  • Theme: Novela
  • Code repository: Github
  • Continous Integration & Semantic Versioning: Travis-CI
  • Hosting: Netlify

The blog = My Writtable Vehicle

I want to use this blog as a vehicle to log my current events that is the journey of my present life. I also want to use it as a review mirror to be able to look back at my past and understand how they affected me or even scared me.

Releasing valve of darkness

The initial goal is to just to create value for myself. But my hopes are that both my proviency in the English language, my writing skills and my understanding of what an audience finds valuable will improve gradually thru this iterative process of writing this blog. If not, I hope that the blog can work as a internal release valve for the darker emotions I sometimes feel that usually have their foundation in the tough- and traumatic experiences I’ve gone thru.

Disclaimer for the future of this blog

As a disclaimer for further reading, this blog is not intended as a intellectual safe space, on the contrary. I won’t be advocating positivity and gratefulness at every corner of my journey, as most “inspiring” social media influencers do. My aspirations is to try to be as nuanced, transparent and honest as I possible can. Within that working space, figurally speaking, darkness and irrationality is included. That might be perceived as offensive, depending on were you come from. So please bare that in mind when reading. And if you feel offended, instead of going on the attack, contact me, ask me more questions so we can elaborate and research the topic together. I’m very open-minded, I like people, I like discussions and I know that I know nothing I the bigger picture of things.

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